First date etiquette

My guy friends are so baffled how some women behave on the first date, so I decided to write this “first date etiquette” cheat sheet for the ladies who want to close and make a superb first impression.

1. Be on time, I know you want to put on the war paint on your face, but ladies being on time shows that you value another human being’s time.
2. Don’t order like you are going to the chair. Respect your date even if he has boat loads of money.
3. Put your phone away
4. No selfies at the dinner table. It screams I love myself way too much.
5. Let your date open any and all doors. Yes, some men still open doors for us.
6. Remember your table manners, so he does not look at you like a pack of wolves raised you.
7. Let your date PAY! I often hear girls complain that their first date did not pay. I then asked them if they pulled out cash, or a credit card when the check arrived and of course, they did. 🙄<<< o not order a bottle of wine, or champagne unless he asks you.<<< lease do not over drink; it's a bad look. When you respect your date, he will cherish you. 8. Change your clothes if your are meeting your date after work. It shows you care about making a first impression. Feel free to share your dating etiquette in the comments section. I will add it to this list. Sending love vibes! 💋

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