Why men want a relationship in the fall

Every day is a time to fall in love. However, I noticed in the last couple of years men want IRL (in real life) a relationship in the fall.

Summertime is full of distractions: mini skirts, see through white dresses, Daisy Duke shorts, travel, weddings, Ibiza, Burning Man and music festivals. It seems that men do not want to be bothered with a plus one at any of these events, or anyone giving them a hard time for simply looking at a beautiful woman in any of the above-mentioned outfits. They want to hunt and roam free without any limitations.

The game changer is when it gets chilly outside. Yupe, there are Seamless orders, Netflix, catching up on series they missed.  Then the loneliness sets in before bed.

Furthermore reasons:

  • Colder weather makes men want to physically and emotionally connect
  • Strong fall colors conjure up passion unconsciously
  • Men’s self-confidence is on the rise because they are wearing suits and sweaters that cover up the extra lbs.
  • Men prefer doing activities in a team environment.  Pumpkin patches, apple-picking, corn mazes, hayrides, cookie baking, football games and more offer an opportunity for fun first dates.
  • Kids are back in school for divorced dads
  • Holiday parties offer an opportunity to meet women
  • Daylight savings time, men crave interaction and attention from the opposite sex when it gets dark earlier
  • Online dating is more interactive because women are home

So next time you are out don’t be shy, give a smile and bat those lashes. Your future husband is looking for you.


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