Tech Day Sunday – Never lose your luggage again

Don’t you hate it when you are travelling abroad and you have to take two plans to arrive at your destination with checked luggage?  I literally pray to the travel gods that my luggage arrives, especially if you are travelling to an island like Phuket.

Thanks to AT&T Foundry and TUMI, not knowing where your bag is a thing of the past. Their latest collaboration has created the TUMI Global Locator, a sensor capable of near real-time tracking of your luggage compliant with all applicable government and industry standards.


The TUMI Global Locator sends tracking information every 20-30 minutes to your mobile phone keeping a history of where your bag has been. While also keeping in compliance with FAA regulations powering down at take off and entering sleep mode until the plane lands. If you’re worried about the security of the device and let’s face it these days you should always be concerned about security. TUMI ensures that the Global Locator employs state-of-the-art layers of firewalls, specific authorization protocols, and encryption.

Not all bags are misplaced by airports though. Sometimes luggage is misplaced by more nefarious means. The TUMI Global Locator comes in handy here as well, by offering a Proximity and Hotel mode. Proximity mode works via Bluetooth and will alert you if your bag leaves your personal space. While Hotel mode allows you to set a home base for your bag notifying you if it has been moved. Nothing can be worse than having your bag stolen and trying to track down your bag while away for business or on your vacation. Now you can be certain if your bag is swiped.

Click the Tumi link to learn more, or for purchase.

Happy and safe travels!

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