How to appear taller in your pictures

When I started modeling at 12 years old I thought I would grow to a full 5’9 because my dad was tall. To my disappointment, I did not inherit that gene. At a mere 5’6, I struggled to get jobs doing print only.

However, I learned some tricks from photographers on how to appear taller.

Here’s your cheat sheet:

  1. Wear solids
  2. Avoid baggy clothes
  3. Avoid low rise pants
  4. Wear nude heels
  5. Stand up straight, no slouching
  6. Cross your legs, it’s an optical illusion
  7. Don’t stand next to a super tall person

Know your angels and position the camera at eyes length

Here’s a pic of me trying to elongate myself with a busted knee brace

Do you have any tricks and tips to share?

Happy Saturday everyone!
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