Happiness tools for everyday living

As we mature and navigate ourselves through life it’s always great to collect tools that we can occasionally pull out for everyday happiness.

Here’s a couple to keep in your purse, or back pocket:

  1. Scan your environment for the positive acts of kindness, ideas and opportunities. It helps train your brain for greatness. (Tip from Shawn Achor, Happiness Advantage book)
  2. Find something to look forward to. Just by planning a trip, or planning to see a movie can boost your endorphin level up to 27% (Tip from Shawn Achor, Happiness Advantage book)
  3. Donate clothing that you have not worn over 1-2 seasons. Decluttering and donating it helps your pleasure receptors of your brain. Since it’s an act of altruism, the feeling of happiness lasts for days and weeks.
  4. Send a recognition, or a thank you e-mail to a team member at work first thing in the morning. It sets a jolly tone in the am as well as infusing positive vibes for the rest of the day. (Tip from Shawn Achor, Happiness Advantage book)
  5. Write down a list of “three good things” that happened each day. This causes your brain to scan the last 24 hours for potential positives—things that brought small or large laughs, feelings of accomplishment at work, a strengthened connection with family, a glimmer of hope for the future. In just five minutes a day, this trains the brain to become more skilled at noticing and focusing on possibilities for personal and professional” “growth, and seizing opportunities to act on them. At the same time, because we can only focus on so much at once, our brains push out those small annoyances and frustrations that used to loom large into the background, even out of our visual field entirely.” (Tip from Shawn Achor, Happiness Advantage book)

Sending and sprinkling happy vibes to you all!

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