Island of Capri, Italy

5 hours in Capri, Italy

I just returned from a glorious trip to Italy.

My fiance and I only had five hours to explore the island.  There was so much to see and do, but I was limited in mobility due to a torn knee tendon.

However, here are a couple of notable places to visit.

Tiberlo Palace  this boutique hotel overlooks the water, breathtaking at every level.  It was a nice stop for a refreshing beverage.

Tiberlo Palace Hotel

Once you arrive by boat, or Ferry you will see a gorgeous hotel sitting atop of a mountain, JK Place Hotel  it is a great place to have lunch before you venture off into the island for shopping.  As you sit outside of the restaurant you can capture some of the most marvelous pictures of the harbor and ocean.  Be sure to try their jar encased treats located in the sitting/lounge/lobby area. They are multi-colored and taste delicious.

JK Place Hotel

Visit Canfora to pick up hand-made sandals.  Its been around for 70 years. Jacky O had the store open after hours while she handpicked sandals all night.  The Italians are so accommodating.

Canfora Sandal

Capri is known for its custom-made perfumery shops I was unable to stop as we were rushed for time.  However, Carthusia is known for their Aria di Capri concoction of orange, lemon, mimosa, and peach.  It was developed in the 17th century by the monks at the nearby Certosa.

Store front of Carthusia
Carthusia Perfumery Store

Before you leave the island have dinner at Paolino Capri.  This romantic lemon tree-filled restaurant will take your breath away.

Indoor view of Paolino restaurant
Paolino Restaurant

Walk along the Villa Camerelle to visit all your favorite designer stores.  They usually keep a limited edition inventory that is not massively shipped and sold in the US.

Balanciaga in Villa Camerelle, Capri, Italy
Villa Camerelle

There are very few options to leave the island after 5:30pm.  Should you choose to depart by private boat, be sure to get a quote from a broker and have them text you the amount and destination drop off, or write it down on a piece of paper.  My fiance and I were quoted one price back to Amalfi, then the terms changed and we were dropped off an hour away from our hotel.

In the upcoming weeks, I will share five more places to visit.  For now, I wanted to feature Capri as it was my first amore 💖



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