Are you building a proper brand of yourself, or destroying it through social media?

I am sure many of you have looked at someones’s Instagram photos, stories, or Facebook and thought what is she, or he doing?

How you market yourself on Social Media will affect how you are treated in the real world with men, women, your boss, future boss, teachers and whoever has access to your account. 

For example, if you type in the search engine Miami Girls on Instagram you will not be able to differentiate if you are looking at an escort site, or real girls. 

How about dating and trying to find a suitable mate whom you would like to cherish and respect you?  Not going to happen when you post those “Rose all Day” photos in a thong leaving nothing to the imagination.  I am sorry to tell you ladies, and gents, but what you put out there is what you are going to get back. 

The scenario is also true with men who put themselves out there posting pictures on private jets, driving a Bentley, or wearing a Rolex surrounded by women while popping bottles of champagne.  It does not say you are hot, it says I am a womanizer and I am not about substance.  Don’t be surprised if you go out on a date with a woman and she treats you like a trick because you put yourself out there to be treated in that fashion.

Think of posting images as advertising to the world an image, branding, or marketing of you.  What are you telling the world, through pictures and videos?  A party girl, classy Jacky O type, family and friends gal, an escort or open to a Sugar Daddy proposition?    

We will not be young forever.   There are consequences as to what we announce to the world via social media.

I am not a moralizer.  I want to bring up the  stock for us women.

Today’s decisions affect tomorrow’s reality, so think twice before you post. 💋

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