Should you tell your bae how many men you have slept with?

This is the hard part of dating 101.  Some men and women have a need to know how many partners you have slept with in your lifetime. Perhaps, they want to know how they measure up to your exes?  How much experience you have between the sheets?

The sad reality is that some men use the number of partners you have slept with to slut shame you when you get into an argument.   It’s a weapon they like to use because of their own insecurities.

I am personally not a fan of sharing this information because I don”t like to appear “shop worn.”  I like to focus on the positives of the current relationship as well as growth on an intimate level above the waistline.

Lucky for us the beauty of not living in 1876 is that you are free to have sex with as many people as you want and not be sent to a workhouse for immoral women as a consequence.

There are certain factors that a man should take into consideration, such as a woman’s age, culture, life experience, religion, city, and country.

Here are some suggestions on how to answer based on your age:

20’s-mid 30’s – less than 7 totally reasonable, my advice to any girl in her early 20’s is don’t tell, particularly if your figure is above ten. Most guys will think the worse of you

30-40 – less than 15 take into consideration a marriage

40-50 less than 15 marriage followed by a possible divorce

As for Tinder and non Tinder hookups.  No lady should be talking about that because its your own personal business.

If a man truly loves you unconditional and wants a real relationship, your number should not matter.






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