Why Millennial men experience ED

Some psychologist say that when men do not have sex with any intimacy, but purely for physical pleasure for a long period of time they develop erectile dysfunction early in life, or later.

One survey of 28,000 Italian men found that “excessive consumption” of porn, starting at age 14, and daily consumption in their early to mid-20s, desensitized men to even the most violent images. According to the head of the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine, this can cause male sexual dysfunction by lowering libido and eventually leading to an inability to get an erection.

Men that watch porn will need more and more stimulation as they build up this tolerance, and then comes their reality with a hookup, girlfriend, wife or partner, and they may not be able to perform.  Too much porn can desensitize a man to sex, and, eventually, he can be unable to get excited by ordinary sexual encounters.  Chronic porn consumption causes a shift in the brain chemicals that may contribute to organic erectile dysfunction.

Heavy drinking can also contribute to ED.  Some people think it is an aphrodisiac, but it often dampens your sex drive in the long run.

CS News reported that 23% of millennials have admitted to smoking, more than any other generation.  In men, smoking leads to damaged blood vessels and heavy smokers can suffer erectile dysfunction.

Hope this gives you all some insight into this unfortunate male problem.

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