What is Duty Dating and why you should try it

Duty dating is a term coined by Dr. Pat Allen. She is a cognitive behavioral therapist. http://www.drpatallen.com

She states that it is done for a number of reasons.  First, duty dating is good practice; if we’ve been single for sometime.  It allows a person to get out and learn how to relate to another person again (no sex involved). Secondly, the person you are going out with is an individual you are not attracted to physically.  She states that you should try going out with this person three times.  If he does not make your heart sing by the third date then you can keep it moving to the next person.

Duty dating allows us to learn more about ourselves. We often think we want something, but in reality it’s not what we need at that time.  Duty dating exposes us to a mixture of people, and as we meet others, we will be able to ascertain which qualities we really like, and which we don’t.

Moreover, duty dating helps us cope with rejection because you date in three.  A pair and a spare.  Therefore, if someone does not call you back you are not put over the edge.  It’s never good to put all of your eggs in one basket when dating.

Dr. Pat has so much sage advice I cannot possibly input it all in one blog. However, I leave you with this quote:

There are a lot of women with penises and men with vaginas.” Most masculine men know they’re supposed to call.” Therefore, a truly masculine man will never say, “You never call me.” If a masculine man wants you, he won’t whine, he’ll just come get you.  It is more of a feminine-energy man who wants to be pursued by the woman.


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