What is sologamy and why are women doing it?

Lets first take a look at the definition of sologamy according to Wikipedia:
Self-marriage or sologamy[1] is marriage by a person to oneself.[2][3] It is known as a commitment that values self-love, and self-compassion. Supporters of the practice argue that it leads to a happier life.[4] The idea of such a ceremony is also described in the book Quirkyalone: a manifesto for uncompromising romantics by Sasha Caden. It can also refer to a self-uniting marriage, that is a marriage without an officiant.[5] Self-marriage is not the usual form of union between individuals, but a number of people have put it into practice, particularly women.

Self-marriage is a small but growing movement, with consultants and self-wedding planners popping up across the world. In Canada, a service called Marry Yourself Vancouver launched this past summer, offering consulting services and wedding photography. In Japan, a travel agency called Cerca Travel offers a two-day self-wedding package in Kyoto: You can choose a wedding gown, bouquet, and hairstyle, and pose for formal wedding portraits. On the website I Married Me, you can buy a DIY marriage kit: For $50, you get a sterling silver ring, ceremony instructions, vows, and 24 “affirmation cards” to remind you of your vows over time. For $230, you can get the kit with a 14-karat gold ring.

The sologamist claim that there are no good men, no time to date, alpha female executives that make more money than most guys, too many Tinder perverts and the list goes on.

Proponents of self marriage state that it’s empowering. It’s a declaration to themselves and friends that they ultimately accept and love themselves as a whole. However, self-marriage is the ultimate brand extension of a self-obsessed, selfish populus.  In addition, it’s not legal and there are no tax breaks.

We get it dating and relationships are really hard.  No one is perfect as we are expected to be perfect in an imperfect world.

Let’s just call it what it truly is single.  The women interviewed that went through such ceremonies are still open to a formal marriage 🤔


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