Sorry we are all taken

If this were true so would all my single ladies be taken and I can write about their Disney ending.  Was it Disney, or our parents that set us up for an archetype relationship? There’s so many different types of love today that it can make Repunsel’s hair swirl into a braid.

The right man exists once you become happy, confident, secure, spiritually enlightened, mature and aware of your behavior towards men. We are mirrors of each other.  If you want to attract a better man better yourself first.  This is the toughest part of all because it takes hard work.

In the meantime, make a list of non-negotiable traits you want in a man (honest, monogamous, etc) as well as negotiables like his height and color of eyes.  This way your girlie super human navigation will lead you to meet your ideal partner.

You can do it!  🙆🏻🍀

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