Mind Hacks that Every Happy Woman knows Part I

Happy Tuesday!

I have always known that we get to choose our happiness at any given moment.  

There has been no better time to pave our path to happiness than right now.  

Here are some Mind Hacks that Every Happy Woman Knows:  

Make your 8 hours count

I cannot stress enough how important a good night’s sleep is! A good night’s sleep allows us to attain rational thinking, productivity, and physical as well as mental health. Try to get between seven and nine hours each night, and if you have persistent trouble with sleeping, be sure to talk to a professional.

Shut your mind offย 

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Closing your mind off from the pressure and stress of daily challenges. At the same time, you reflect on your mental state is a great way to enhance your self-awareness, fight addiction to complaining, victimhood, blaming others for your unhappiness, negativity, anger, and psychological conspiracy theories that are not real. Control anxiety and overall promote positive mental health by meditation, or another outlet to take you off your reliving something from the past, or stressing about the unforeseen future.  

Push yourself to workout 

Almost every successfully happy person will tell you that exercise plays a fundamental role in their routine. Whether it’s high energy sport or calmer pace yoga and walking, the effects of serotonin on your mood and wellbeing are the same. Find the activity that is perfect for you and keep at it.

“Be” not doย 

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You can fill your diary with meaningful meetings with friends, proactive hobbies, and fun past times that will keep your mind stimulated, but stay present and enjoy the moment, eyeball to eyeball, and not on your phone. (Be careful not to make plans for the sake of it; ensure everything has a purpose.) This is one of the key habits of happy people, being busy yet staying present and fulfilled is essential.

Support everyone you meet  

Seeing other people succeed in their passion or work is something that should be celebrated. Encourage the small wins and be the voice of encouragement you want to see in other people!

Stop worrying

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Do not let one minute of frustration ruin a whole 24 hours. In cognitive behavior therapy, it’s called filtering. It’s when you only think of the negative event that happened and discard the goodness of the day. Think to yourself, “will this matter tomorrow?” and, if not, move on. Rumination is the killer of present-day joy.  

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s part II!  

Sending positive, healthy vibes! ๐Ÿ’‹

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