This is your skin on Hormones & What to do about it

We all know that no matter what products or food we eat, our hormones kick into high gear then it’s over for our skin.

Check out this cheat sheet on how to deal with your hormones according to days.

Your Period

Days 1 through 5

A typical 28ish day cycle starts with menstruation. Low levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testerone prompt the lining of your uterus to shed (cue: bleeding), so begins this very fun roller coaster ride.

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Your skin is likely red and sensitive right now. A surge in blood flow to your capillaries. Increased prostaglandin, a hormone-like compound that decreases pain tolerance. It is best to use a gentle cleanser.

Follicular Phase

Days 6 through 12

As your ovaries begin prepping an egg for release, your estrogen levels start to creep back up.

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This is when your skin begins to chill out. Your skin is less sensitive, red, and reactive. This is the time to use strong products with Glycolic Acid. Slather on a peel to get rid of any dead skin cells. Also, since your estrogen is high you have a high, tolerance for pain.


Days 13 through 15

Estrogen and testosterone levels continue to climb as that egg matures and eventually gets pushed out into your fallopian tubes.

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This is the time to shine and live your best skin life! Your skin is flawless and glowy. Estrogen boosts collagen production, which keeps skin plump and firm. Testosterone increases sebum production, which acts as a natural moisturizer to make you soft and dewy. However, if your skin is on the oily side, that uptick in sebum can cause breakouts. Use an oil-absorbing clay mask, or a gentle scrub into your routine.

Luteal Phase

Days 16 through 28

This pre-period phase in which estrogen and progesterone rise, then plummet is the longest and annoying phase when your skin will freak out.

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This hormonal imbalance triggers inflammation, and even thicker sebum production, which causes acne. Use a salicylic acid treatment to dissolve excess oil in your pores and reduce redness. Oh, and don’t forget the sleepless nights due to the hormonal seesaw. Be sure to keep some caffeine packed eye cream.

Do you have any hacks up your sleeve we can use? Let us know in the comments below.

Sending beauty vibes! 💋

Feature photo credit: Instagram, Jordan Liberty


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