10 Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2019

In the spirit of Halloween, I am sharing with you a repost from one of my favorite makeup and lifestyle bloggers, Mademoiselle O’Lantern.

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Hello my lovely pumpkins! Today, I am sharing with you my 10 favorite makeup looks to do on halloween. Every year, I come up with a million halloween makeup ideas but have no time whatsoever to do them. In fact, I don’t even have the time to do four makeup looks this year but well, three is better than nothing. Instead, here I am today sharing with you 10 iconic and spooky halloween makeup ideas for 2019, perfect for scariest night of the year!

10 Halloween makeup ideas for 2019

Morticia Addams

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Sophie Turner definitely set the bar really high when she turned herself into Morticia Addams. It’s a classic but the look is golden and is a representation of elegance at halloween. She was absolutely stunning as this character and it made me want to recreate it!

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