Here’s how to take a shower correctly according to dermatologist

There’s nothing more magical than taking a shower, especially when you are present and not thinking about your “to-do” list in your head. 😜

Did you know that there is a correct way to shower?  

Here’s how, according to Dermatologist:

Keep showers brief and warm

In the winter, this is a hard one for me as I turn on the heat waaay up in the shower, but dermatologists recommend that you set your water temperature lukewarm. Hot water can strip the skin of more natural oils. Your daily shower should last only around five minutes. 

The right way to shave

Use a sharp and clean razor moving with the grain of the hair on lubricated skin. For a closer shave, use shaving cream. Shaving cream does actually serve a purpose as it allows you to cut each hair without harming the skin. Plus it provides hydration allowing your sexy legs to be smooth.  

Exfoliating is a choice

Without much research around showering, there isn’t a clear cut answer about whether or not exfoliating is actually good for us. Even dermatologists vary in their recommendations. 

Moisturizing is a must

Moisturizing replenishes moisture and builds up the barrier on your skin. This added moisture helps make up for the skin’s layer lost if you exfoliate, or the oils lost during the shower.  

No matter what shower routine you choose, do it because it makes you feel lovely. You are beautiful as you are now regardless of what you use or what you do.  

Sending clean skin vibes! πŸ’‹


  1. Joy

    Love this post!! I should really keep my showers shorter πŸ˜› I actually never exfoliate my body and I really don’t know if should, I never really feel like I need it

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