Filorga OPTIM-EYES Contour Cream Review

My whole life, I have struggled with dark circles due to either not drinking enough water, or a hectic city life schedule.   While doing some research, I found Filorga Optim-Eyes Contour Cream, so I decided to give it a try.  

OPTIM-EYES Eye contour creamDark circles – Puffiness – Wrinkles $49.00 

First off the packaging is elegant, and I love the product dispenser. It’s easy to use,  always dispenses just enough, and helps prevent contamination.  Excellent for travel as the packaging avoids those air pressure spills.  

The velvety feel is also a bonus because your skin absorbs it quickly.  The light scent is incredible and fresh.  The texture is non-sticky, which makes it effortlessly for makeup application.   After 12 days of use, am/pm some of the puffiness under my eyes diminished as well as the dark circles.   What I like about this product is that it contains Hyaluronic acid.  It created elasticity, so my eyes appeared freshly hydrated as if I have been awake for hours.  Other products created a puffiness that would linger for an hour.   If you have eye bags, this product is extra helpful as it is a white color cream that helps deflect light making the eye bags look less dramatic.

You can also store the product in the refrigerator for an added cooling effect. 

Check out these before and after photos: 

I highly recommend this product if you suffer from crows feet, dark circles, lack of sleep, or your eyes look tired as it will help you appear not only well rested, but younger.  

To purchase click here. 

Have you tried any Filorga products?  If so, which ones?  Leave us a comment below.


I received a press sample for review.  The opinions are entirely my own based on my experience.


  1. SimpleSerenity

    Ohh the result is amazing. I can see why you like this cream so much. I’m under eye cream addict, I always buy them. They are such a staple in my skin care routine. Lovely review. xx

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