2nd Kind Skincare Review

This summer I will be away quite a bit, so I was searching for products that I can carry on without spilling all over my carry on, and that’s when I discovered 2nd Kind Skincare.  

Brazilian Clay + Lavender Clay Cleanser $26.00ย 

This is such a perfect cleanser for travel!  Not one spill due to its creamy like substance and packaging.    On my first application, I felt my skin deeply cleansed and purified.  It stimulated, clarified, and brightened my skin, making it look and feel revitalized as well as soft.  The Kaolin Clay ingredient also fights breakouts while giving an energizing boost to my complexion.  

French Green Clayย  + Lemongrass Face Mask $19.00

Whenever I travel, I always breakout, which is why this mask is my new superhero!  The mask comes in a dry powder that you mix with water to make a paste.  As soon as you apply it, you can feel a tingly tightening of the skin that is so sensational as you feel it working within minutes.  It draws all that gunky stuff out of the pores, while also moisturizing the skin – yep, really.  This is one of the only clay masks I’ve ever used that doesn’t make my skin feel tight, or dry afterward.  Another bonus of this mask is the spirulina ingredient, which helps fight free radicals from getting to your skin easily.  

Amethyst + Lavender Toner Mist $22.00

During the summer when I’m spending a ton of time outside in the sun, I like to take breaks from harsh toners, so I will not discolor my skin, which is why I am really enjoying the fresh lavender, amethyst, and witch hazel infused water toner.  It’s light with an ultra-fresh scent that keeps acne at bay.  It hydrates my skin, making it look super bouncy.  It’s an excellent toner for fall/winter when skin gets dry and flakey because it includes lavender oil.

Another reason I am loving 2nd Kind is that they include crystals into their products.  There have been numerous amount of studies conducted that prove that our thoughts, emotions, & energies run on different waves of frequencies. Crystals are a great way to help control & balance these frequencies to help guide you to a better thought, emotion, or intention. The brand has charged some of their specially curated products with the energy & frequencies that these crystals run on to give us a balanced aura.

I highly recommend these products to everyone who wants beaming skin!  

To purchase, click here.ย 

Have you tried any 2nd Kind products?  If so, which ones?  Leave us a comment below.


I received a press sample for review.  The opinions are entirely my own based on my experience.


  1. ayrgalaxy

    *gasp* a lavender clay mask! I’m all for it. Especially because it fights breakouts! NEEEED!!
    Their toner lavender mist is totally up my alley. I love that they infuse their products with Crystal’s. I’d be interested in learning more about their products.

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