Are you feeling anxious, depressed, or stressed out? Try this Healing Japanese Practice

We all know the benefits of a pleasant nature walk, but did you know that it can ease our stress and worry, help us to relax and to think more clearly?

The sounds of the forest, birds chirping away, the fresh scent of the trees, sunlight dancing through the leaves, the crisp, clean air — these things give us a sense of comfort.

In Japan, they practice forest bathing, shinrin-yoku. Shinrin in Japanese means “forest,” and yoku means “bath.” So shinrin-yoku means bathing in the forest atmosphere, or taking in the forest through our senses.

This is not exercise, hiking, jogging. It is merely being in nature, connecting with it through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Shinrin-yoku is like a bridge. By opening our minds, it bridges the gap between us and the natural world.

According to a study sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends 93% of his or her time indoors. No wonder we are a mess. 🙈

The good news is that all you need is a small amount of time in nature like a casual walk in a park, or a garden. It can have an impact on our mental health. A two-hour forest bath will help you unplug from technology and slow down. It will bring you into the present moment that will immediately de-stress and relax you. Numerous studies have shown that shinrin-yoku has real health benefits.

There’s no better time than now! Grab your water bottle, sneakers, and take in the fragrance of the forest and breathe in the natural aromatherapy of phytoncides. Taste the freshness of the air as you take deep breaths, but leave all your devices behind.

Sending zen vibes! 💋

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  1. ayrgalaxy

    I always love going hiking or taking a walk through the forest or at the park. We are so lucky to have so many parks and trees around here that I dont have to go very far for this.
    Walking and breathing in some fresh oxygen around so many trees makes me feel more grounded. I love it

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