Here’s when you should text a man

As we are in the full bloom of Spring and only weeks away from summer, dating and mating season begins.

Here are some rules that you should always remember when you should text a guy:

Never text him when you are drunk.

Alcohol impairs your judgments.

Never text a guy when you are angry towards him.

He will spot your anger between the lines, and you will be losing your cool in front of him. I have lost my cool, which is why I am advising you not to do it. It did not work out so well for me.

If he’s your crush, don’t text him until you two get to know each other in some ways.

You don’t want to appear thirsty.

Brand new relationship

When the relationship is still new, try to take things slowly, at least at first. This can give the two of you a chance to learn what kind of dynamic you have in your relationship.

You sent a text in the am, and he has not responded immediately.

During the work week, men are working hard. Give the guy an opportunity and time to respond. Do NOT send another text asking him why he has not responded within minutes, or hours to your text. It makes you look like a control freak, or worst yet too masculine.

Sending romantic vibes! πŸ’‹

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