Post Coachella Must See Tour

This week I am in sunny and warm Palm Springs!

Palm Springs has always been a haven for healing retreats, celebrity getaways, and of course the world famous Coachella Festival.

If you happen to attend Coachella and have a day left on your trip, I highly suggest doing the Celebrity Home Tour, which I did this week.

Palm Springs became a huge celebrity hangout because the studios did not allow actors and actresses to travel more than 150 miles away from Los Angeles in case there were post-production issues. Air travel was not as readily as available in the ’40s, 50’s, and ’60s, so celebrities flocked to Palm Springs to get away from it all.

There were so many homes to see, but I am only posting some of the highlights of the 2.5-hour tour.

Frank Sinatra sold this home for one dollar, so he would not give half of the proceeds of the sale to his ex wife Eva Gardner. Now that is petty as f—ck.

Elizabeth Taylor built an entire refrigerated room to store more than 130 fur coats.

Sending sunshine vibes! πŸ’‹


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