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As I sit here in cold New York, I cannot help, but to research for cities to visit. I am always searching through a plethora of hotel deals, flights, and new destinations to discover so I can share with you.

Check out these trending places to add for your next vacation:

Bora Bora

This breathtaking island with its iconic over-water bungalows has increased in popularity by 24% in 2019, according to Hopper. That may mean more millennial travelers will be heading there this year than ever before.

St. Martin

Get the experience of visiting two colonies in the same 37 square miles. The French and Dutch culture is alive and well after hurricane Irma. Its beaches are dazzling, and the resort towns are charming.


If you have been following me you know, I am all about Alpine love in Aspen. Whether it’s August or winter, Aspen is a city that leaves you in awe with its glorious mountains and chic shops.

Denpasar, Indonesia

Denpasar is the capital city and central hub of the Indonesian province of Bali, in the southern part of the island. Laid-back Sanur Beach on the east coast offers outstanding sunrise views. The flights and hotels are not steep after January, and you can travel very comfortably if you are on a budget.

Kahului, Hawaii

Avoid the crowds in Maui and visit Kahului instead. It sits on the north shore of Maui. You’ll find a subtle L.A.-meets-Brooklyn vibe in Paia and a hippie soul in Haiku.


Dublin has a thriving digital sector (housing the European headquarters of many U.S. tech companies, from Facebook to Google and Airbnb) to its acclaimed fashion designers, chefs, artists, and artisans, the city has never been quite so hip. No matter how quick your trip to Dublin, be sure to spend at least one afternoon driving out to the beautiful countryside.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia has always been different. It is the Lesser Antilles island, which makes it a Caribbean outlierβ€”and not only for its location all the way on the eastern fringes of the sea, but for its summer Caribbean Carnival. Born of Volcanic origin, the Island of Saint Lucia offers something for every budget traveler.


Tokyo is such an exciting city. Bring a pair of good walking shoes because you will walk for hours and days. The trains are so easy to use. I visited a couple of years ago, and I was in beauty product heaven. The city views, monasteries, gardens, and shopping is a must do and experience.

Palm Springs

This place not only has dancing palm trees in the wind, but the best date shakes! I used to visit Palm Springs when I was growing up in Los Angeles. Best to go before May as it can get so hot, you will melt. You can spend half a day on an architectural tour, a garden visit, or a hike.


Many locals swear that they need less sleep in summer, sometimes referring to winter as one long night and summer as one long day. Unless you are a hardcore winter fan, Anchorage is a place to visit June-August if you seek outdoor wildlife adventure. The sparkling glaciers and mountainous scenery is known to be very healing.

Have I missed a city that you think is trending this year? Let us know in the comments.

Sending wanderlust vibes! πŸ’‹

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