Gift Ideas for the person who has everything

Happy Wednesday!  

Today I am reblogging a post written by Currently, Lately.

Have a look at her awesome suggestions: 

We all know that one person.

That person who has everything. 

A.K.A. the most impossible person to shop for.

Any potential gift idea you come up with, this person already has. In every model. And every color. Overall, they are just a nightmare to buy things for.

That being said, today I’m sharing with you gift ideas for that person in your life who already has just about everything. Whether it’s a parent, cousin, sibling, or close friend, here are some ideas to hopefully get you started.


  • travel coffee mug and gift card
  • monogramed day planner
  • Brita water filter
  • Google Home/Amazon Echo
  • special interest monthly subscription box (beauty, coffee, etc.)
  • DNA ancestry testing kit
  • zodiac/birthstone jewelry
  • nail care kit
  • throw pillows
  • smartphone projector
  • stationary
  • French press
  • special interest magazine subscription
  • jewelry cleaning cloth
  • a watch
  • hand towels (not exactly exciting, but everybody could always use some)
  • a portable charger
  • phone screen cleaning cloth
  • fun wall prints/decals

Thank you so much for reading! I hope some of these ideas can be helpful to you as you shop for some of the most difficult people on your list.

Have you gotten any of your holiday shopping done? 

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