What’s the Key to Success? Learn To Be A Quitter

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This is a repost from BossBabe.com. It resonated with me as I have throughout my life propelled myself to quit forward when I knew a relationship, job, or friendship was not worth my time.

Hope some of you find this useful as I did this week.


“Winners never quit and quitters never win,” right?

If you grew up hearing this popular saying, you’re not alone. Maybe it was your soccer coach at your first big game, a parent helping you with homework, or a teacher helping you learn a new skill.

They all encouraged you never to quit, because quitting was equivalent to giving up and giving up meant you didn’t have enough confidence or drive to succeed.

And, to an extent, they’re right. Giving up isn’t good. But quitting, CAN be.

As we get older, it becomes harder to distinguish quitting from failure.

But go with me here…

Quitting is NOT failure.

Quitting is pivoting into something else.

In life, in your career, in a relationship, try to think less about what you’re quitting from and more about what you’re quitting toward.

A UK survey found that 6 out of 10 people stay in relationships they don’t find fulfilling. 5 out of 10 people stay in jobs they’re unhappy with, according to a study completed by the Conference Board. Both surveys found that many people stayed in unhappy situations because they consider leaving to be a failure. What if what comes next is better than what’s you’ve left behind?

Are you quitting to move on to something better? Are you quitting to improve your personal or mental health? Are you quitting because the current situation no longer serves you?  Being afraid of quitting, could literally be blocking you from starting that new business, going back to school, moving to a new city or embarking on a new career journey. If you’re still unsure, run through this quick checklist below:

Here’s 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Quit:

  1. Is my happiness more important than complacency?
  2. Could there be something better on the other side?
  3. Am I making a decision to stay out of fear?
  4. Am I ready to take the consequences?
  5. Do I believe in myself?

If you answered “yes” to most of these, its time to QUIT.

Knowing when to quit or leave something behind is a crucial step toward a brighter, happier, more fulfilled life. So I want you to embrace quitting. You never know what’s waiting for you on the other side.

Sending relaxing weekend vibes! 💋

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