Get winter lip ready with these top rated lip balms

Happy Thursday!

I am recovering from sugar overload from all the Halloween treats I consumed last night. 😜

No matter how much hot water with lemon I consume during winter, I am always dealing with dried, chapped lips.

Over the years, I have experimented with several brands, some work, and some are just a waste of time and money.

When searching for the perfect lip balm, I recommend honing in on the ingredients list. There are certain ingredients you should be looking out for, and others it’s best to avoid. Picking something with lanolin or beeswax is best as both nourish skin. Beeswax helps retain water and is also antibacterial. Shea butter and cocoa butter are also fabulous ingredients, which will soothe dry and sore lips.

Ingredients such as Vitamin E, on the other hand, can actually have the opposite effect by drying out lips. Petroleum has also become a bit of a no-no. FYI – Petroleum was discovered in the 1800s by a chemist who saw drillers using a substance that stuck to drilling rigs; it was initially called “Rod Wax.” Yep, no joke.

Moreover, petroleum doesn’t act as a moisturizer for lips, either. “While petroleum derivatives may seem like they give a moisturizing effect as an ingredient in lip balms, they do not. Parabens and synthetics are also best avoided as they can be dangerous to skin, and if you’re particularly sensitive, choosing a product which is fragrance-free will probably benefit you as scented products can irritate.

Check out these top rated lip balms to keep those lippies nice and healthy for winter:

Laneige Lip Balm and Lip Sleeping Mask, Sephora $20.00


I am currently using this lip balm as it is a two and one bottle for sultry soft lips.  It is an overnight lip sleeping mask, but when I am in a rush to get into bed I apply it after I moisturize in the am.  Laneige has a special technology called Moisture WrapTM, which creates a mineral network of beta-glucans over the lips to lock in hydration and keep lips moisturized for up to 8 hours.  The best part are the ingredients:  Berry Mix Complex, Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants from a nutritious blend of raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, goji berries, and blueberries. $45.00


Enriched with shea butter and beeswax, this is a great balm to carry with you everywhere. It moisturizes like a dream and leaves a delicate sheen on lips, while smelling fantastic. It’s worth the hefty price tag.

By Terry Baume de Rose, Amazon, $47.32


Every beauty editor and beauty insider will recommend this to you, sorry if I am a bit cliché, but Baume De Rose is the ONE. If you like rose scents this is the best thing you’ll ever smell, and it is incredible for using over a nude lip balm to add a new sexy pouty look.

Burt Bee’s Bees Wax, Influenster, $3.29


This is my ride, or die lip balm.  It is very moisturizing.  The balm stays on well, but you must reapply after eating, and not so much after drinking hot beverages.  I highly recommend this balm because it’s super cheap, and there are other flavored formulas with color options.

Lano Lips 101, Ulta Beauty, $16.95


This Aussie original is the ultimate lanolin lip balm. Proudly petroleum, paraben, and mineral oil-free, it’s a tube of total awesomeness. The balm has multiple uses as well. You can apply it on your dry skin patches, cuticles, knees, elbows, or the bottoms of your feet. It is a super thick balm that seals in moisture as well as mimics and resembles your own skin oils.

May the well hydrated lip forces be with you.

Sending much beauty vibes!  💋

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Photo credit: oey Grey saved to Beauty Ideas, Karolina Kurkova by Nicolas Moore for Allure Russia June 2014 #prom lips.


  1. Losing the Plot

    I think I would love Terry, I adore rose, but at that price it’s never gonna happen. Burrs Bees 🐝 is grand, and when I run out… coconut oil from the kitchen

  2. kittyp0p

    I’ve used chapstick brand in the past and hated it, also tried Softlips for a while and didn’t like it too much more. Now I use Maybelline’s BabyLips and it works so well! I keep it on me all the time (:

  3. SimpleSerenity

    I have super dry lips all year around, but winter is extra bad for my lips. I have my go to lip balm at home and just got L.O.V lip balm for my bag, so I have lip balm on hand because it is definitely essential for me. I didn’t try any of these actually, but they seem great. xx

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