You’re Probably Using Your Beautyblender® Wrong

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I came across this post weeks ago from  I wanted to share it with you as I have made some of the mistakes listed below.

Read on as Author  explains to us how we are not using the beauty blender correctly:

Ah, beautyblender® — the small, egg-shaped sponge (featured in the FabFitFun Fall Box) offers the most flawless makeup finish we’ve seen to date. It’s made out of an exclusive material available only to beautyblender® to ensure impeccable, streak-free application with minimum product waste — but only when it’s used properly!

Are you using your beautyblender incorrectly? Ahead are five common mistakes people make when using the cult-favorite makeup sponge. Trust us, once you get the hang of it, you’ll never look back.

It’s not damp enough
It’s important to wet the sponge before application to ensure easy blending and flawless application. When it’s dry, it absorbs the excess product and doesn’t seamlessly blend out the product like it should.

Tip: Run your beautyblender® under water and gently squeeze it until the sponge doubles in size. Squeeze out excess water and gently pat the sponge on a towel so it’s damp, not soaking wet.

You use it like a brush
The beautyblender is meant to be lightly tapped or bounced on the skin, not swiped like a brush. Smearing product on your face in a sweeping motion hinders the sponge’s ability to create that seamless finish.

Tip: Use gentle bouncing motions when applying liquid, cream, or powder products to the skin.

You’re not cleaning your sponge
We know how easy it is to get lazy and put off cleaning your beauty tools, but you don’t want to do that with the beautyblender. Clean it after every use to prevent bacteria buildup and breakouts.

Tip: After each use, clean your sponge with a fragrance-free soap and work it into a lather. Wash it under warm running water and gently squeeze it until it’s clean. Don’t forget to leave the sponge out to air dry!

You’re not replacing it
Even if you diligently take care of your beautyblender, it needs to be replaced every couple months as the sponge will start to break apart or lose its texture and color — a good indicator of the sponge’s quality.

Tip: Replace your beautyblender every three months — depending on how often you use it — to ensure a clean, bacteria-free sponge.

You put product directly on the sponge
When you apply makeup directly on your beautyblender, it’s more likely that the sponge will absorb the product, which will cause unnecessary buildup and wasted product.

Tip: Apply the product on the back of your hand first, then pick up the product with your sponge by tapping it lightly.

About the author:

Beauty enthusiast based in New York City. Beauty and nutrition are her two main passions, as she understands how interconnected the two are when it comes to overall health. She is loyal to her skin care routine and believes that every great glam look starts with beautiful skin as a canvas. She’s constantly sharing her beauty secrets, favorite products, and tips that help to keep the skin looking as immortal as possible. That being said, she tailors her writing to a variety of different skin types and tones. From all-natural skin care brands to new innovative products that are constantly being launched, Serena is always on the hunt to find the next best thing in the beauty industry.

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  1. Kerry LifeandLoves

    Well, I certainly learnt something! I did not know that product should not be applied to the sponge. I do that all the time. Whoops! Useful post, and Im going to clean my blender tomorrow and try the new method I have learnt 🙂

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