Google’s new Touring Bird App is the Travel Agent in the palm of your hand you need RN

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When it comes to traveling time is of the essence. That’s why Google’s new Touring Bird app is all you need if you plan on visiting Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Rome, San Francisco, and Toronto. According to the site, they plan on expanding to other cities soon as well as creating experiences for travelers in every part of the globe.


Google’s Touring Bird feature will help you plan your experiences and explore a place before you even touch the ground. Just with a couple of taps, you can turn any trip into an adventure of a lifetime.

The app allows you to skip over all the stress of the detail planning process. You could book tours, compare prices, and discover activities that are suitable for you without all the endless hours of online researching.


According to the site’s FAQ page, you can “build-your-own-package” by selecting skip-the-line tickets, or boat cruises that are sourced from the larger providers like Expedia or Viator. This simplistic process saves you a lot of time and energy because you don’t need to make a bunch of different purchases or accounts.

When you want an expert or local opinion on what to do, you can scroll through recommendations from travel bloggers or people who live in the area. Filter your results to your interests, for an experience that’s truly your own.

No matter where you go, it’ll be like having your very own travel agent — right in your pocket and with only your best interests in mind.

Check out this short video to learn more about the app:

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