Weekend escape in Watchill, Rhode Island

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a glorious weekend.

The last weekend escape I took during the summer was to Watchill, Rhode Island.

Watch Hill is an affluent coastal village in the town of Westerly, Rhode Island. It sits at the most-southwestern point in all of Rhode Island. It became prominent in the late 19th and early 20th century as an exclusive summer resort, with wealthy families building sprawling Victorian-style “cottages” along the peninsula. Watch Hill is characterized by The New York Times as a community “with a strong sense of privacy and of discreetly used wealth,” in contrast with “the overpowering castles of the very rich” close by Newport.

Since it is 3 hours away from New York, it was an easy place to visit and explore. Also, the super fan in me was curious to see Taylor Swift’s east coast summer home.

hotel maria
Hotel Maria, Watchill, Rhode Island

We stayed at Hotel Maria because most of the hotels were sold out. The hotel was renovated back in May of this year, so everything was shiny and brand new. The best part is the location as it sits across from the Atlantic Ocean.

Our next stop for lunch was the Ocean House. This place is straight out of a Scott Fitzgerald storybook. It has a Secret Champagne Garden overlooking the ocean. It was our favorite resort to visit. We ended up going back the next day to enjoy a nice glass of champs.

ocean house
Ocean House, Watchill, Rhode Island
Ocean House – View from the outdoor restaurant


champagne secret garden
Champagne Secret Garden, Watchill, Rhode Island



We stayed til the evening and captured a shot of this adorable bike.


Champagne with berries with a side of olives

On our second day we played tennis then took a hike through
Dr. John Champlin Glacier Park. It is a 134-acre Glacier Park with a recessional moraine glacial landscape, with kettle and kame topography, carved canyons, glacial erratic boulders, and the moraine ridge. A number of the kettles are below the groundwater level, forming beautiful ponds. We cut our hike short as there were many flying bugs, and we did not have any bug spray on us. Take note if you ever take a hike through a park apply bug spray.

Dr. John Champlin Glacier Park



On our third day, we had breakfast at the cutest local spot called the Cooked Goose. Be prepared to wait as crowds in summer begin early. The wait was well worth it as we had a delicious breakfast.


Later in the day, we stopped by the Weekappaug Inn. The resort is gorgeous as it overlooks the Quonochontaug Pond and the Atlantic Ocean. They have a restaurant that serves farm to table dining.

Weekappaug Inn, Watchill Rhode Island
View from Weekappaug Inn

On our last day, we toured Bay Street, which is the main street of the town where the oldest operating carousel in the United States is located. It was built-in 1876 by the Charles W. Dare Company of New York. The horses are suspended from chains.


Lilly Pulitzer Store on Bay Street, Watchill, Rhode Island
View from Bay Street
Cute Local Shop with adorable accessories

Sending sunshine vibes wherever you are in the world! 💋

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