How staying present can change your life for the better

Happy Thursday!

I am back after one doozy of a weekend in Watchill, Rhode Island.

I will do a post on that trip next week.

While playing tennis on my trip, I realized I was not present in practicing my position, eye, hand coordination then I began hitting the ball through three different courts. 🙈 My mind was off thinking about the upcoming hike, or whether I brought bug spray, or not. It was ridiculous!

Being present can feel unsatisfying because we are so accustomed to thinking, feeling thoughts on a future event, or past.

When we argue with a person, it feels so good to unleash all of our frustrations in ways that would be imminently relieving—(it feels good to get the anger out of our system). However, you are giving in to your addiction to a hard-wired reaction that your body needs a fix. Think of an alcholoic or a drug addict that needs a fix. Your brain is so accustomed to that response that you want to give it it’s drug of choice negativity and anger.

The practice of being present creates the pause that allows us to choose how to act intentionally. We train ourselves to refrain from giving into our immediate, knee-jerk impulses.

When you are the boss of your mind, there is a feeling of empowerment that comes from understanding that we are not bound by our thoughts, emotions, or habitual reactions—and that we can decide precisely how we’d like to act.

Staying present is hard because we are often forced to face thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that feel uncomfortable—and watching them, rather than ignoring them or reacting unwittingly out of pure habit, can, at times, feel almost unbearable.

But it’s worth it. It’s worth it because when we realize that we have the power to control what we say and how we react, we understand that we can shape how we experience the world and change any outcome into a positive one.

When you control your mind great things happen because you will not continue to repeat the same mistakes that have plagued your life.

Sending zen vibes! 💋

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