The 3 loves theory

According to the three love theory, we only fall in love with three people in our lifetime.

We need each of these loves for a different reason depending on our level of emotional maturity.

Let’s look at each love:

Falling In Love the 1st Time: The emotional kind of love

Our first-time love is our high school sweetheart love where our hormones are ready to burst out of our bodies. We want to pour our passion and emotion into another human being. We buy into the fairy tales that we learned as children.

We also don’t know ourselves yet, so we fall in love based on society’s expectations—and probably our families. We go into this relationship on a belief that this will be our only love “real love.”

Falling In Love the 2nd Time: The Love that hurts

The second is supposed to be the love that is toxic, and it hurts. The relationship will teach you the hardest lesson. This is the kind of love that stings, whether through lies, cheating, pain or manipulation.

We are still making decisions out of the need to learn lessons—but we have a breakup and makeup kind of relationship. Our second love can become repetitive because we think that somehow the ending will be different from before.  Each time we go back to the ex-boyfriend, or girlfriend it somehow ends worse than before. It’s like spoiled milk that we keep putting back in the refrigerator thinking tomorrow it will be healthy again to drink.

Falling In Love the 3rd Time: The evolved long-lasting love

This is the kind of love where the person falls off a tree. We never planned or saw it coming. The love flows, and it’s easy to love that person without any effort. It’s the kind where the chemistry and connection can’t be explained.

This love is where your ideals, and expectations are met. You don’t act, or dress differently for this person to love you. They just love you unconditionally. This kind of love shakes us to the core of our souls.  It’s the love that just feels right.

Love is always ready for us, but the question is, are we prepared for love?

And it’s that possibility that makes trying many times worthwhile because you never know when Cupid will hit you with the arrow.

Sending much love vibes for your weekend! 💋

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Photo credit:  Gisele e Cauã Givenchy campanha


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