The new self-care app to ease your anxiety

There are tons of self-care, self-help as well as anti-anxiety apps to help you calm TF down.

However, Happy Not Perfect  app puts a colorful and new spin on self-care.

Entrepreneur Poppy Jamie wanted to set her newly-launched wellness app, Happy Not Perfect, apart by tailoring it to millennials’ specific needs. Jamie set out to create a wellness app for millennials designed hand-in-hand with experts. “The idea that we need to be on call 24-7, manage more social relationships, praise one another’s lives [on Instagram] without liking ourselves … these are all relatively new phenomenons,” Jamie told Vogue. “It’s not surprising our mental well-being has suffered the consequences.”

To mitigate these consequences, Happy Not Perfect is meant to “help boost your feel-good hormones and relax your nervous system,” according to Happy Not Perfect’s description in the App Store. Your seven-step daily refresh, which provides exercises to help you calm down, center yourself, work through your thoughts, and do a quick meditation, can be quicker or longer, depending on your needs, but you can’t skip its steps, and Happy Not Perfect tracks how often you refresh, including showing you your longest unbroken streak of daily refreshes.

When you load up Happy Not Perfect’s daily refresh, the first thing it does is ask you to pick your mood. Based on your selection, you’ll get a refresh that will help you work through centering yourself, let go of thoughts by digitally “burning” them, and do mini meditations anywhere, so long as you have your smartphone in hand. Jamie told Vogue it’s vital to keep yourself in the mental routine the daily refresh offers. “If you want to touch your toes, you have to stretch every day,” she explained. “It’s the same with our minds.”

The refresh is around five minutes, but users can extend some sections — for example, in Breathe, the refresh’s second step, you can choose between 30 seconds, one minute, or two minutes of deep breathing guided by imagery and paired with soft music. Breath is a vital part of Happy Not Perfect’s routine, because according to HealthyPlace, “intentional deep breathing improves mental health by relaxing both the body and the mind.” Slow, deep breaths increase the oxygen in our bloodstream and brain, and deep breathing also signals our parasympathetic nervous system, “thus [inducing] relaxation throughout the body,” HealthyPlace reports. “When we pause to breathe deeply, our heart rate slows and our blood pressure decreases.” And those are all good things for stressed-out millennials.  Happy Not Perfect users see an image of a slowly inflating and deflating paper bag that helps offer a visual for what deep breathing should look like.


Happy Not Perfect offers more than 250 guided meditation tracks, which consist of exercises meant to put you to sleep to one called “7 days of epic happiness.”

Though the app is free to download, many of its guided meditations are behind a premium paywall, and going premium costs between $9.99/month (for one month) and $4.99/month (if you subscribe for a full year).

Click here if you want to give it a try.

Sending zen vibes!  💋

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