The best nail polish to apply before your next vacay

Happy Wednesday!

Are you all enjoying the soccer games? I am knee deep in soccer fever! πŸ’ƒπŸ½

Since I am traveling for the next couple of weeks, and I wanted to keep my nails intact, I applied a glitter polish.

Glitter Polish is the best polish to use as it will blend in nicely with your own nail color and you won’t look busted by week’s end. As you all know, it is hard to keep nails in good condition while traveling.

If glitter is not your flavor you can apply a nude polish as it will blend nicely. Nothing looks worst then the sharp color contrast of your nails against a darker polish.

Another tip while you are on vacay is to keep your nails as short as ppossible. Pay attention to the length of your nails. A long manicure always looks elegant, but if you know that you will travel a lot it is better to make them shorter. On one hand, it will be easy for you to manage with all the luggage if your manicure is shorter. On the other hand, you will avoid the risk of breaking some of your nails, which is, indisputably very unpleasant moment for every lady.

Sending lots of beauty vibes! πŸ’‹

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  1. Carly |

    I always get a shellac pedicure before my summer vacation, and then get it redone midway through the trip! I love trying to β€œorder” a pedicure in the local language!

  2. SimpleSerenity

    That’s a good tip, because glitter usually lasts really long and it is easy to re apply on to if it comes to some chips because it will still look good. My favorite is to add nude nail polish and then add two layers of long lasting gel top coat, it lasts for whole week that way. xx

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