Dating Trend Alert: Fielding Season

Oh yes, here’s another dating term to add to your vocabulary.

Fielding Season is when you want to take your dating game into a casual, carefree, and non-committal mode. This dating trend begins in late May and ends in early September.

During the hot and humid summer nights singles are free to roam freely without the heavy burden of lugging around a scarf, gloves, or a bulky coat. All the layers of thyself and clothes are off. The dresses are shorter while males are dressed more casual.

Online dating apps see an increase in activity because there are more people out. It’s like going to the grocery store and seeing a plethora of cheeses. Why commit to one kind if you can have a variety?

Summertime allows us to feel more blissful thus contributing to an uptick in hookups at beach houses, or while traveling. Loose minds lead to carefree behavior, which is not bad when you want to attract a love interest.

Also, if you were participating in cuffing season and your bae is not making your heart twirl, then you will most likely partake in fielding season.

According to dating expert Meredith Golden of Spoon Meet Spoon. “People start socializing more when the sun comes out after a long and cold winter.” “As more opportunities for dating naturally present, the mentality to not miss an opportunity increases as the number of suitors increase.” So basically, it’s a numbers game.

Just remember the field is wide open for all the possibilities to fall in love at any season of your choosing.

Sending weekend love vibes! 💋

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