Mind hacks to create the love you want

When we are single and want to attract the love of our life, but it’s not happening we need to search deep within ourselves to see who are we, what habits did we adopt that is repelling love.

Here are some mind hacks to create the love you want:

Make yourself whole and complete

Schedule daily love dates with yourself and appreciate all that you are right now. Take a walk or a bath and savior in your beautiful body. Apply a mask and meditate while you wait for it to dry to get in touch with your yourself. Do an activity with your mind in the state of self-love and care. Pay attention to your thoughts, false beliefs, or stories that are holding you back from experiencing the best version of yourself.

Trust your intuition

We all have this magical gift yet we rationalize everything, and we ignore the red signs.

“Most of us have that internal voice that tells us something isn’t right, but we don’t listen to it,” Kayla Lords, sexpert for JackAndJillAdult.com and owner of Loving BDSM, a website, and podcast that focuses on Dominance and submission (D/s) relationships, told Bustle. “We stick around, thinking we can fix another person or that we’ll finally be the one partner they change for. That internal voice is almost never wrong, and even if you’re conscious mind can’t pinpoint the problem, you know it’s not right. Wait for the person who doesn’t give you that bad feeling.”

Only allow partners that treat you with kindness and respect

There’s nothing worse than being with a partner where you can’t be yourself because you fear they will judge, disrespect, or mistreat you. When a partner continually verbally abuses us it affects our self-esteem and self-worth.

Stick to your non-negotiables

You should not compromise your non-negotiables like integrity, character, or monogamy when choosing a partner. Life is too short to settle for someone who does not meet your non-negotiables.

Choose a positive mindset

This is the ultimate habit we can adopt to attract the love we want and deserve.  Good things are sure to come when you choose to be positive.

Sending positive and happy vibes! 💋

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