Creating opportunity where it does not exist

Today’s post is an interview with Margot Grant.


Margo Grant is a TV Show host on the MNN channel in New York. Her show focuses on art and music.

On our interview, she shared with me the following life lessons on creating opportunity where it does not exist.

Be fearless and follow your dream

Originally from St. Petersburg, Margo arrived in New York in 1976 with only $300.00 in her purse. Her dream was to come to America and someday acquireΒ high-net-worth art. She loved art so much that she worked tirelessly to purchase works of art, which she did later life in London at Christie’s and Sotheby’s. She now is the Director of The Museum of Russian Art in New Jersey.

Believe you are a money magnet

As soon as money came into her hands, she would use the money for travel and the simple pleasures of life because she knew more money would come into her life. She told me a story of her husband singing in Italy, which the show sold out. They took his earnings and traveled all over Italy. She states “don’t be so frugal; the money will come because you must have faith to live in the moment.”

Choose faith over fear

Once in New York Margo wanted to travel the world. She decided to volunteer at a traveling agency, which gave her the opportunity to travel on a budget. Then she ended up not only working for the agency but eventually owning it.

Decide what you want and go for it! It’s ok to reinvent yourself

Margo ended our interview with some solid life advice that touched me deeply. She said, “don’t give up on love, relationships, marriage (unless it’s toxic).” “To live a full life is to discover your freedom to live without limits and most importantly believe in yourself.”

She is a real hero to us all! Thank you, Margo

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