See what happens to a plant if you bully it for 30 days

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A couple of weeks ago, my fiance told me about this plant experiment that was an eye-opener on the reality of the power our words and how they affect us and plants.

This is a repost on an IKEA experiment.  They asked people to bully a plant for 30 days to see what happens, and here are the results:


Bully a Plant, live experiment with two IKEA plants and with thousands of children, to help to raise awareness around Anti-Bullying Day on 4th May in the Middle East.

The live experiment involved IKEA taking two of its very own plants and installing them at the school, where one plant was fed compliments and words of encouragement, while the other was verbally bullied with hateful words. The students were encouraged to record their own voices to share their love with the first plant and give words of criticism to the second, either first hand or via social media interaction. After 30 days, the results spoke for themselves – while the complimented plant continued to thrive, the bullied plant was visibly struggling, and looking dull with droopy brown leaves.

Both plants were treated strictly the same: with the same amount water. Exposed with of sunlight, water and fertiliser. The only difference being, we said words of criticism to one plant, and words of encouragement to the other, for a span of 30 days. By the end of the experiment, the impressive results spoke for themselves.

More info:

What would happen if you bullied a plant for 30 days straight?


IKEA decided to test it out to help raise awareness around Anti-Bullying Day on 4th May in the Middle East


They placed two of their plants in a school


Where one plant was fed compliments and words of encouragement




While the other was verbally bullied with hateful words



Both plants were treated strictly the same


They both received the same amount of water, sunlight and fertilizer


The end result speaks for itself


Watch this video to see the experiment in detail:

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      1. kedawithani

        Indeed they are so resilient those plants… I had some that got terribly abused by animals…(physical) they ate those babies down to the stem… i was dismayed and almost gave up on them…with care my gawd…. ill include them in a future post… you will never believe what theyd been thru

  1. Anonymous Girl

    So true! A very interesting experiment😂❤! Bullying happens so much on anonymous messaging apps. I have been bullied for several years now and it happens mostly on social media. People take advantage of anonymous messaging apps and it happens to so many people. There have been so many suicides because of apps like them. Could you guys sign my petition to get apps like Sarahah and other anonymous messaging apps banned. They do more harm than good. Here is the petition link:

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