The Tourist way to visit Googleplex

Happy Spring Sunday!

Today Spring decided to make a brief appearance in New York and graced us with glorious sunshine.

For today’s Tech Day Sunday post, I wanted to share with you my tour of Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California.


Before going to the Google Headquarters, I was researching on TripAdvisor for an official tour, the only way a member of the public can tour the inside of campus buildings is if an employee escorts themโ€”so if you happen to have a friend who works there, ask them to show you around. However, you can walk the 12 acres of the campus unescorted.

During my walk along the Googleplex Campus, I saw these cool multi-colored bicycles that Googlers use to get between campus buildings and strange works of art including a life-size Kit Kay Bar, a donut, and a cupcake.



Additionally, the Google campus has organic gardens where they grow many of the fresh vegetables used in the campus restaurants, solar panels covering all the parking garages providing power that’s used to re-charge Googlers electric cars and supplement power of the nearby buildings; and the Garfield (Google Athletic Recreation Field) Park, Google-owned sports fields and tennis courts that are opened up to public use on nights and weekends.

It only takes 37-40 min drive from San Francisco.

This is a curiosity tour, so don’t expect much, but well worth it for Instagram worthy photos.

Sending chill Sunday vibes! ๐Ÿ’‹

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  1. ayrgalaxy

    Omg tulips!!!! My favorite flowers. Lol.
    And how awesome. I love the android sculpture park place so cute!!!! And good to know itโ€™s close to San Francisco. Iโ€™ll have to stop there when I go to SF in the future!

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