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“Our biggest regrets are not for the things we have done but for the things we haven’t done”
Chad Michael Murray

Have you ever done something that you deeply regret? Do you wish you could go back and alter what developed?

Unquestionably, we have all done things in our lives that we would not necessarily go back and do again (Guilty!), but does that mean we must live with regret?

I guess, the BIG question is to how to move on, acquire and live a life with no regrets?
Well, it doesn’t mean that we start regretting “all” that we have done in our past, because had it not been for those “life lessons” we wouldn’t have been on this path of “self discovery!” Thank God for the errors, thank Heavens for the blunders, we are what we are today – wiser, smarter and more intuitive of our surroundings and performance. (Amen!)

We never know how long we have, so let’s start living a life free of regrets starting today! Here is my personal prescription of living a life without regrets, so that when we write the final chapter of our life story, we can make it a happy ending –


Recognize that it is OK to make mistakes! The art is to learn from them and grow. Forgive yourself often and move on. By choosing to forgive, we release ourselves from the grasp of resentment and can move ahead in our lives.


Be adventurous and don’t be scared of trying new things. Take risks and breakout of your comfort zone. We all have it in ourselves to be better than today, the aim is to trust our instincts and go for it!


Live, learn and laugh – like there is no tomorrow! Find humor in life and do not shy away from being “that” person who smiles a lot! Allow happiness and fun to be part of your life each day.


Love your work! Be passionate about what you do. (And if you aren’t happy about your job, may be, it is time to take that “first step” towards a life that you love.) Don’t let fear of embarrassment stop you from trying something new. Don’t miss out on opportunities to learn something enriching while you can!


Respect people around you – no matter what age, caste, sex or strata. You cannot even fathom how positively this “favorable effort” repays! Be compassionate and appreciate others often.


Live in the NOW! Be aware of what you are thinking, feeling, saying as often as you possibly can. Love your present as it is your best chance to work on what you have lost and strive for what you desire in future.


Stand up for yourself and others. Do not let anyone hold you back and stop you from being YOU. Give your life a purpose and do not be scared of challenges.


Be independent! Believe that you are self sufficed and capable enough of achieving success, love and contentment. Never let someone else’s vision of you, guide how you see yourself. Believe that you are an absolutely amazing human being, because YOU REALLY ARE!


Be wise about where you want to spend your energy. You can either cry and complain about the things that you don’t have or didn’t get, or work your *** off towards achieving it! When you find yourself worrying, take a minute to examine the things you have control over. Recognize that – sometimes, all you can control is your effort and your attitude! When you put your energy into the things you can control, you’ll be much more effective and dynamic.


Always keep moving forward! Set goals for yourself and challenger yourself. If you continuously set goals for yourself and work hard towards achieving them, you’ll develop an appreciation and respect for yourself that no one else can provide.

A quick info-graphic to cover all the points!

Now, I agree, it is easier said that done, but trust me, if you can accomplish even one point from the list – you auspiciously will be on the path to satisfaction and a life with no regrets! Turn your failures into stepping-stones and use the experience to learn from and grow.

In short, what living a “life with no regrets” actually means – is to evolve, get wise and make conscious choices each day to live fully and make the most out of each day, each experience and each adventure.

Folks, it is time to become the person you would want to spend the rest of your life with! Be happy, love unconditionally, respect all, take chances, live your life and be thankful of YOURSELF! Our uniqueness makes us who we are! Face your fears and say “bye-bye” to any remorseful thoughts coz today we are wiping the slate clean!

Here’s to living a life with no regrets! Cheers!



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