How to Travel Like a Millionaire on a Starter Budget

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Don’t Blow Your Money, Just Your Mind

By:  Ingrid Levin

When we think of the dream vacation, we tend to imagine ourselves traveling in style. But unfortunately, that is rarely the case, and the vacation tends to be a little lackluster.  However, if you have the patience and the tenacity to research, you too can travel like a millionaire on a starter budget.  Here are a few insights so that you can plan your next well-deserved getaway.

  • Groupon always has up-to-date trending travel pricing. You will be getting the best deals because resorts reach out to Groupon to offer up to 70% off on packages that have not sold.
  • Secret Flying has “the deals nobody else knows about.” This site’s best flight deals come from “mistake fares,” which is when someone who is inputting the prices accidentally dropped a zero or put in the cost of a flight to Paris, Ohio, when the trip was actually for Paris, France. This site offers flash sales on Twitter as well, just follow and save. It’s that easy.
  • Take the guesswork out of booking and use Gilt Travel to decode pricing for luxurious hotels, cruises and resorts.


  • Book during off-season dates. It is by far the best way to get the lowest price as some hotels, resorts and car rental companies are thirsty for your money. You will also be avoiding crowds at major tourist attractions.
  • Maximize your purchasing power by considering the currency exchange rate. The US dollar is strong in South America, Africa, Asia and India. You will be able to shine in all your glory when you can flex your spending ability.
  • Use your Amex points or a travel rewards credit card. Your points can be redeemed for hotel rooms, flights, rental cars and more. Credit cards with rewards include American Express and Delta’s SkyMiles which offer discounts on in-flight purchases, one free checked bag and priority boarding. To rack up the points faster, consider paying your Netflix subscription, Amazon purchases or monthly bills on a points or travel rewards credit card.
  • Fly on a private jet just for you and your loved ones for $536 each way using JetSuite’s last-minute daily flight deals. If that’s too “extra” for you, you can always use JetSuiteX.  TheJetSuiteX option allows you to book a seat on a private jet for as little as $99. According to the site, your flight will arrive an hour faster than commercial airlines.

So, whether your vacation is to a cozy getaway or you’re looking for an exotic adventure, these tips will help your money go further and your vacation feel grander.

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  1. kaybe610

    Great tips! I just booked a luxurious weekend break as a surprise for my husband’s 50th birthday. Booked it through one of those ‘special offer’ sites and I hope it will be GOOD! It looks very promising anyway 🙂

  2. You Can Always Start Now

    I’ve started staying in AirBnB and can make a difference if staying anywhere more than two nights. Plus enjoy coming home and sitting on a sofa, making breakfast and seems like I’m “living” somewhere else. Great post.

  3. strandedvagabond

    I go on at least 2 vacations per year. 1 using Groupon usually getting an all inclusive trip for around 500-600 per person, and another completely paid for with a combination of Amex MR points and Chase Ultimate Rewards points. Its something more people need to take advantage of. Great article!

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