Here’s how much a woman spends on her first date

Back in the day when I was knee-deep in dating, I would go to great lengths to make a jaw-dropping first impression. Once I scheduled the first date on my calendar, it was like getting ready for the Oscars.

I would bring out an arsenal of beauty experts for the special occasion. Then the outfit planning began. I’d call my besties as they were my Anna Wintour (Editor of Vogue) to give me the thumbs up, or down on the outfit to wear.

Once upon a time, I dropped down so much cash for a first date that my account went into overdraft. 🙈

Men don’t have a clue as to the cost of a first date is for us ladies.

Therefore, I decided to create this post for those that are curious.

Here’s the breakdown (prices may vary depending on city and country):

Blow out $70.00 this includes the tip
Retouch your highlights $200.00
Manicure and Pedicure $55.00
Brazilian wax $40.00
Eyebrow shaping $20.00
Facial, or facial products, makeup $200.00
Clothing $300.00 +

Landing the guy is priceless!

Sending ❤️ vibes! 💋

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Photo credit: Anai’s Wereld

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