What new research says about what men & women really want in a mate

What do men and women want in a mate? This question will never end between the sexes as we grow and develop.  Also, it depends on the person you are asking.  However, there is some core behavior wants that men and women desire in a mate.

Countless studies have been performed, but here are the latest findings from the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and University of Chicago:

  • Both men and women really care a lot about attractiveness (men care slightly more), such as height, weight, age and overall attractiveness.
  • Women care about intelligence roughly twice as much as men. In a speed-dating study, every point increase in a man’s intelligence rating (on a 1-to-10 scale) boosted the chances a woman would want to see him again by an average of 4.5 percentage points, while an equivalent increase in a woman’s intelligence increased the probability that a man would want to reconnect by only 2.3 percentage points. Basically, men don’t care how intelligent a woman is when they want to mate.  In fact, the smarter a woman rated, the less attracted a man was towards a woman, hmm. Disappointingly, this finding aligns with other recent research. For instance, a team of economists at the University of Chicago showed that when women out-earn their husbands, marital satisfaction is lower, and divorce is more likely.
  • Women prefer men raised in more affluent Zip codes, while men did not care if a woman came from no money upbringing. In addition, women are dramatically more interested in partners of their own race, while men don’t care about race as much.
  • Men are equally discerning when it comes to the women they’d like to see again no matter how many women were in a speed-dating pool. Their standards remain unchanged whether they meet 10 or 20 potential partners. Women, on the other hand, become pickier the more partners are “on the market.”

These findings are not set in stone, but they do offer us a window into what some people search for in a mate.

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