How the power of your thoughts can attract or repel money

I am a big fan of author Rhonda Byrne who wrote the Law of Attraction, so when I heard through my beautiful friend Colleen that she wrote another book The Power, I was ecstatic.

I wanted to share with you some insight into one of the chapters dealing with our minds and money. At the time I read the book, I was struggling, and her words not only made a difference in my way of thinking, but helped me financially and romantically.

Rhonda Byrne says that many people feel bad about money. It’s not because there is a lack of money as most successful people never had money, but our bad, negative, beliefs that were fed into our subconscious minds as children. Then at some point in your life, you are told that wanting to have money is a wrong desire, or it’s not spiritual. Sadly, you grow up with negative feelings about money thus creating much lack in your life. When you do not feel good about money, you repel it. Even if you win the lotto, it will quickly slip out of your hands.

Love is the only power that makes money stick to you. You have to give love and feel good about money. Even if you are in debt right now, imagine that it is only temporary. When you are paying your bills, imagine that you are donating money and try to feel good. Bad feelings will only attract more bills. Practice gratitude when paying your bills, i.e., thank you for having electricity or being able to live in a comfortable home.

When you get paid be super grateful, no matter how small your salary is right now, practice appreciation and gratitude. Gratitude the greatest multiplier of all things!

When you are paying with your credit card look at the front as it has your name on it Your name represents abundance and all that’s attached to your name will bring more abundance into your life.

These are only a few excerpts from the chapter, but they make a difference when you are in a bad money head space.

Just know that whatever you give out, you receive back!

Sending love vibes! 💋

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