Can a Pheromone perfume make you more sexually attractive?

For hundreds of years, humans have tried to crack the code on creating a magic potion to attract the opposite sex.

Now not so new to the scene are pheromone infused perfumes that claim to stimulate sexual desire from the opposite sex, increase romance and enhance a positive emotional reaction in any environment.

What are Pheromones?

Phermones are body secretions that cause a trigger in the reproductive behavior of the opposite sex. They are processed by one of the two areas in the nose that conveys the message to the brain and can stimulate sexual behavior. But over the years for hygiene purposes, we use deodorants, showers, and antiperspirants, which washes natural pheromones away.

According to a survey, 74% of the people who tested a pheromone perfume called Athena, developed by Dr. Cutler, the participants experienced a sudden increase in kissing, hugging, and sexual intercourse.

In another survey conducted by ABC’s 20/20 News, twins were sent to a speed-dating event, and only one twin in each set was given pheromones. The results? The twin wearing the pheromone perfume received nearly as many dates and interest as compared to the twin not wearing it.

Whenever a human being from the opposite sex (women respond to different pheromones than men) sends out signals through these lust hormones, electric impulses are sent through these nerve pathways directly into the limbic region of the brain.

Once the pheromones that you sent out have reached the limbic part of a person’s brain, the emotions that are triggered in their brain release phenethylamine, which are chemicals that are responsible for the dopamine regulation. And we all know what sexual attract in combination with the happiness hormone dopamine can lead to.

If you ever so dare to spritz yourself just know that you too will be feeling an aura of sex appeal and you will turn heads.  However, I think the placebo effect may be in action as well.

Here’s a complete list of  well-known perfumes that contain pheromones:


  • Gucci Rush, by Gucci: peculiar and powdery scent.
  • Poison & Hypnotic Poison, by Dior: fragrance for daring, exciting, sensual and passionate women that seduce, inspire love, delight.
  • Coco Chanel & Coco Mademoiselle, by Chanel
  • Opium by Yves Saint-Laurent
  • Deep Red, by Hugo Boss.
  • Amor Amor by Cacharel.
  • Hypnose by Lancôme.
  • Aromatics Elixir by Clinique: rose, jasmine and ylang ylang, natural aphrodisiac scents.
  • Organza by Givenchy: floral perfume with honeysuckle, gardenia and iris, amber and vanilla notes.


  • Jazz by Yves Saint-Laurent: sweet and intense scent.
  • Coolwater by Davidoff: perfume based on aquatic notes of lavender and amber.
  • Farenheit by Dior: wood, sandalwood, musk, honeysuckle and balsam notes.
  • Platinum Egoiste by Chanel: for modern me, energic & dynamic, spontaneous and with a good sense of humour.
  • Musk by Alyssa Ashley (woman & men).
  • CK One by Calvin Klein (unisex).

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  1. Sarah Klaren

    Deep Red by Hugo Boss has been one of my favorite perfumes ever, and I usually wear it in the evening and/or when my boyfriend and I go out. It’s his favorite of the perfumes I wear, too… I guess now I partly know why! Lol. Very interesting! 🤔💖

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