What your Bae does when he is in love

While you are dating and mating it is essential to observe your Bae’s behavior because it is a clear sign of how he honestly feels about you. Just saying I love you does not translate “IRL” love, but actions goes a long way.

Have a look at these signs your Bae will do when he is in love:

Stands up for you and protects your honor and virtue

When a man stands up for you, especially to his family, he is saying that you deserve and have integrity, character, as well as respect. He is showing to his friends and family that he knows your best, so the opinion and judgment of others do not matter.

Small surprise gifts

The right part of a man’s brain (feeling) is thinking of you. He is expressing love through nonverbal communication. He knows this small gesture will make you happy, so he will go out of his way for the woman he loves.

He cherishes you by validating your feelings

Arguments are inevitable in every relationship, but when a man listens to you and validates your feelings once the discussion simmers down it shows he is willing to put in the work to make the relationship a success.

He wants to make your life better

Men only invest in women they are willing to marry. It does not mean it’s strictly financial, but it can be in other areas of your life that matter to you, i.e., business/career advice, or helping out with chores, or errands. He will ask, or offer help when he sees you struggling. A man who loves you wants to see you prosper and flourish.

He uses the word “we” not “me, or I” 

When men bond emotionally with a woman, they drop the word me/I out of their vocabulary and begin using the word we, which translates into “I am seeing this woman as my future wife.”

This is only a fraction of behaviors that your Bae will act upon when he is in love, but the critical act to keep in mind is how he makes you feel.

Sending loving vibes! 💋

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