Everything you need to know about Micro-Cheating

Is it me, or is January moving like a sloth?

This weekend my savvy, gorgeous and smart friend Jocelyn alerted me about Miro -Cheating.

Micro-Cheating is when a person in a committed, stable relationship performs minor activities that stop short of having sex with someone else. They involve temporarily focusing their attention — whether it’s physical or emotional — on someone other than their partner.

It begins with a slide into another man or woman’s DM, or any reach out via social media, texts, or e-mail. Saving someone under a fake name on your phone or lying about the status of your relationship to others.

Another telltale sign is secrecy like your partner having private conversations, or online chats that he/she quickly shuts down when you enter the room; or they are contacting an ex to mark an anniversary or other significant shared, intimate event; perhaps they are offering compliments to other guys/girls that they don’t say to you; or maybe they meet up with someone of the opposite sex under the guise of a business meeting, when you discover no business was done… these are all signs of Micro-Cheating.

When a person is performing Micro-Cheating, they are lying for ego gratification. It is a signal that they cannot love. The only way you know you love yourself or anyone else is by the commitments you are willing to make and keep.

This behavior may sound harmless to some, but it is a behavior that can lead to ultimately cheating because of the total disregard and lack of respect to the relationship.

If you discover that your significant other is Micro-Cheating, it is a sign that he, or she has some unresolved issues, which impair them to love fully. They are selfish by putting themselves above the health and stability of the relationship.

Sending loyal love vibes!

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