Sunday rituals to slay the week

Sunday’s are the best!  I love a crazy lazy am followed by a fabulous brunch with friends, or having a warm bagel with lox and cheese then I finalize my day preparing for the week ahead.

By creating a ritual, it allows you to manage the week instead of the week controlling  you and stressing you out.

Try these rituals so that you can skate into your week hassle free:

Declutter your handbag

There was a survey that found 34.5 percent of women spend a whopping 81 days over their lifetime searching for things in their handbags, spending at least five minutes rummaging around trying to find the car keys.  Only include items that you absolutely need.

Declutter your desktop

Post it notes galore, paper clips flying in the sky when you turn over a piece of paper.  Once you declutter your desktop you declutter your mind;  A clear mind cannot create in a chaotic space.

Do your laundry

Start with your sheets.  Your sheets collect bacteria, so washing them once a week is not only hygienic, but it will make you want to get into bed earlier to smell the fresh scent of clean.  Failure to change bed sheets even once a month can cause asthma, eczema, and rhinitis, ew, so gross.

Write down your ideal week

Once you write down the week’s task, work-out days with a date, it holds you accountable.

At home spa

Practice some self-beauty care.  Give yourself an at-home facial, cleanse, scrub, sheet mask followed by a relaxing bath.  You work hard, so giving back to yourself is essential to your well-being.

Prepare healthy meals, or snacks

By preparing your lunches, or snacks at home will help you with the lbs.  Just by having a healthy snack at your desk will avoid you from binge eating by dinner.

Sending relaxing and positive Saturday vibes!  💋

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