First date ideas to make a stellar impression

When it came to first dates, I was a total nerd. I read countless books so that I could survive the night.

However, I practiced my first date skills from Los Angeles to New York and here’s what I learned:

Have great convo topics

You don’t have to get all zen or speak about the news of the day, which today can be a total downer, but ask questions about your dates hobbies, or books they have read. It will allow you to learn more about their interests and passions.

Dress to impress

For ladies, always keep it classy not trendy. Think what would Amal Clooney, or Meghan Markle wear?

For men, keep it smart casual, or a business suit is always elegant.

Pick a restaurant that is loud enough to have a convo, but not too quiet of a spot, so your bored neighbors are not tuning into your lives.

Be polite

Be on time and don’t use your phone. I cannot stress this enough. When you are late, it’s beyond rude. It says to the other person that your time is more valuable than theirs. The phone use speaks for itself.


Being present and consciously listening is a plus, plus. You can pick up hidden clues about your date, or red flags. Stop yourself from thinking how you will respond, or comment on what the other person is saying and just absorb the information.

Be yourself

Authenticity is key to forming a natural bond with someone. Don’t act like another person because you will end up being in character for a long time if you decide to date this person. Also, there’s only so long one can act until the “real you” makes an appearance.

Don’t talk too much

I was the queen of oversharing because I was nervous on first dates. It was such a hard habit to break. Don’t discuss, politics, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, what you ate that day, money, religion, sex, prescription drugs you are taking or complain.  It’s a turn off on first dates.  Keep it light and happy.

Your soul mate is out there looking and waiting for you, so keep your date schedule open to any all possibilities.

Sending love vibes! 💋

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  1. Kerry LifeandLoves

    Its a long time since I have dated (Iv been married 20 years) but I found myself nodding along to all these. Especially the phone one, I think its beyond rude to use a phone at the table, friends or love interest! Good tips x

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