Think before accepting a man’s business card, or saving his number on your phone

I used to think it was perfectly reasonable to accept a man’s business card for a date, or saving his number on my phone until I began seeing the results were sometimes shaky.

Here are some events that transpired:

  • I would call him after work hours, the guy would pick up, and I would hear a woman’s voice in the background (so not cool)
  • Called during lunch hours and he was not as polite, rushed and sometimes abrasive
  • Called on a Sunday after meeting on a Saturday night, the guy was knee-deep watching football 🙄 with his “boys”
  • The call was good, but the man turned out to be a man who preferred I make all the restaurant reservations, always make decisions and he was not consistent with his calls to me
  • Called a gentleman at 6 pm my time (EST) and he was in Japan on a business trip when he picked up the phone, he was groggy and not aware of who I was
  • Called at 9 pm and he answered tipsy
  • His feelings changed, and he was no longer interested 💔

I am not saying to never accept a business card from a man, or save his number on your phone.  I am saying be cautious and follow your instinct because it’s a box of chocolate scenarios.

The best situation is you giving him your number.  Put the accountability on the man who wants you.  Try accepting the business card, turn it around and give him your number, or save your number on his phone.  This way he will pursue you instead of you pursuing him, or risking a call at a wrong time.

Once a man has your number it allows him to figure out how to get you not the other way around.

Hope this helps some of you.

Sending love vibes! 💋

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