Tech day Sunday – Get Swifted with Taylor Swift’s new app

It has been an epic year for Tay Tay!  She released a new album then she dropped a new app on us this week!

Available only for iPhone users at the moment, the app gives Swifties the chance to get exclusive content such as photos, videos and news directly from Taylor herself, while meeting and conversing with other Taylor fans at the same time.

Here are the 5 best features of the new app:

1. Exclusive Taylor Swift Content

One of the best features of this new app is that users get exclusive content from Taylor herself. From photos of her with her cats or videos of her preparing for her Reputation World Tour, fans will be the first to see it all — deservingly so of course.

2. Taymojis

​So many celebrities today, from Kim Kardashian to Justin Bieber, have their own version of the popular digital image system used to express emotions, it’s no surprise that Swift wanted to get in on the action too. Users collect Taymojis by doing tasks, which in return earn them rewards that are then used to get the Taymojis. They can also be purchased in-app.

3. Seeing What Other Swifties Are Posting

Scroll through your news feed to check out what other Swifties such as yourself are posting. Has someone posted a picture of themselves with their copy of a Taylor album? What about a #TBT to a Taylor concert? Connect with fans all around the world to see all of the exciting content they are posting.

4. Post to Other Swifties

Post your own content to other Taylor fans that follow you on the app. Share a photo, write a post, add a sticker or add a gift that other followers can then collect. Use the app to connect with Swifties from all around the world. Go on, make some new friends.

5. Communicate with Taylor herself. 

Users will be given the chance to share posts with Taylor herself and have her respond to them, how cool! Now Taylor can see the “You Belong With Me” replica t-shirt you made or see which of her current songs you’re listening to most. She will have the option to like and comment on any posts so be on the lookout from a notification from Tay-Tay.

Sending relaxing Sunday vibes!💋

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