Parenting Pointers – Beauty, Health, and Travel

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Parenting Pointers: Beauty, Health, and Travel

Ingrid Levin, creator and founder of the new INGRID MADISON AVE Blog (, is a former model who currently lives in the hustle and bustle of beautiful NYC. Named after her first name and the famous Madison Ave street in NYC, the blog features Ingrid’s thoughts and advice on love, sex, luxury life/travel, beauty and technology.
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 Although she is not a licensed therapist or certified guru, Levin has almost 30 years of dating and living experience and has been through the ups and downs of previous engagements and marriages. Lessons learned and now in a happy and successful engagement, Ingrid aims to help empower, inspire and enlighten both men and women to live the best and happiest life possible by sharing her tips and tricks to help those avoid the same mistakes and to catch red flags when it comes to sex, dating and relationships. Ingrid is also a lover of all things beauty, travel, and tech. Ingrid has traveled all over the world to such places like the Amalfi Coast, Nantucket, Monaco, Ibiza, etc. and shares her favorite places to stay and visit. She also loves trying new beauty products and writing about the new beauty trends. Overall, Ingrid hopes her posts will help her readers better themselves psychologically and spiritually.
I had a chance to interview her to learn more.
What do you do to make your beauty routine travel-friendly?
  • The first thing I pack is Caudalie facial mist elixir.  It’s my best friend to fight against dry skin at 30,000 ft.  The smell is divine and light.
  • Aquahor lip balm quench my thirsty lips with instant hydration.
  • l’Occine, Shea butter hand cream nourishes my dry as dust hands.
  • Klorane dry shampoo- I cannot live without this dry shampoo.  It instantly creates Victoria Secret model hair in minutes.
  • I like to arrive with a show-stopping well rested face, so I apply Stellar concealer.  Dark circles don’t have a chance!
  • Avene sunscreen cream- I use this daily, but I always pack it in my travel bag because you never know if your air neighbor may want to keep the window open allowing harmful rays directly on your face.
  • Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing wipes, on red-eye flights- I avoid messy bottle explosions in my bag with these convenient makeup cleansing wipes.
  • Burt Bees hand sanitizer- the nondrying all-natural hand sanitizer is terrific, especially if you are trapped in the window seat and are unable to go to the bathroom to wash your hands before a meal, or a snack.  I even spray the table tray because lab results have shown that it’s the dirtiest of all locations and surfaces on a plane, eww.

How can people pack to maximize fashion while minimizing the size of luggage?
Zip-lock travel space bags are a lifesaver and I never leave home without them. I pack tops in one, pants in one, and undergarments in another. They keep my clothes organized while traveling because they compact your clothes.

How do you maintain your physical health while traveling?
I YouTube fitness videos and work out in my room. My favorite sites are Boho Beautiful and Pop Sugar. You can sneak in the quickest heart pumping work out in less than 20 min.

Can you share some tips for mental health during trips?
I set the tone for my trip by reading any and all self-help, self-care and spiritual books. Upon reaching my destination, I meditate as it creates an open space for me to be more aware and conscious.

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